Benefits For students

Many student helpers work in and for the CSG in order to acquire practical experience on real projects. Which can come in really handy when you are going for a job interview. Or when you need a reference project to show what you can do.

We can offer an environment with the benefits and freedom only academia can provide without the drawbacks of commercial development organizations.

Involvement levels

We offer three kinds of involvements:

  1. An “internship” (technically, a “special course”), where you join us for 3-6 months and work in one of the projects for 1-2 days per week. You start with simple assignments to get you up to speed, and proceed to more challenging tasks gradually.
  2. A paid job, where you act as a system integrator, lead engineer, or software architect on one of our projects. Part of your job is to organize other contributors and help people that have just joined the project.
  3. A thesis project, where you take responsibility for a major feature set or architectural concerns of one of the projects. You run outside of the “line operations”, but will contribute your expertise in the joint sessions.

People may join CSG at any level, though our resources are limited. Often, we see a progression of somebody entering as an intern, proceeding to architect, and advancing to a thesis project eventually.

Getting in touch

If you want to join us as a student helper, please fill in our questionnaire, then ask Harald for an interview. If you are a project with free resources but in need of tech support and manpower, contact us to see whether we have free capacity at the time.